Just think out of the box

Rather than focusing on right and wrong, try to think in terms of creating something new from a pollination of ideas. Consider each mind as a flower, which goes through its own cycles of growth, budding, bloom and decay. Somewhere along the path, the cerebral flower of the mind comes into full bloom, and through dialogue with others a wondrous process of cross-pollination with other mind-flowers can begin. Before you know it, new flowers with new colors, patterns, and shapes begin to emerge everywhere; idea-flowers that have never existed before, not even in our wildest imagination. This process exposes the genius of natural designs and laws which are far beyond our weak intellect’s comprehension. What is essential is that we come together as a community and communicate, and do so as respectfully as possible. The change will emerge on its own, and will carry the unique imprints of each participant forward into the mysterious creation of that which is beyond imagination — a new world.


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  1. Very nice….!!!
    I liked the way you have portrayed every part.

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    1. Shreya Garg says:

      Thank you ma’am

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  2. Well said.Love the way you articulated .Thank you and I take this opportunity to nominate for a 3 day lyric challenge.No hurry.You can take your own time and post your Favourite songs,lyrics or poetry.https://philosophyviaphotos.wordpress.com/2018/09/18/day-2-lyric-challenge/

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    1. Shreya Garg says:

      Hey ,
      Nice to hear from you
      But I don’t take part in any challenge here on wordpress
      Moreover I also never write post related to some award nominations and all
      I’m sorry If you feel bad
      But I follow some rules on my blog

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