Being negative is not wrong

Human emotions are like weather patterns. For example, let's talk about suspicion, doubt, self-doubt, judgment, worrying, anger or any other destructive thinking patterns. First, I would like to let you know that there is no such thing as perfection, and it is okay for you to have negative thoughts. It is okay for you to … Continue reading Being negative is not wrong


Love yourself

In a world that wants you to be something else, simply have the courage to be beautiful, and let your heart's unbridled truth flow and move upon each person you encounter. In one transformative quickening, you are freed from the tyranny of self-doubts, simply by seeing and acknowledging the treasure of your own soul. When … Continue reading Love yourself


So you all think that birthday is meant to be celebrated..... RIGHT?? Let me ask a question, did you know that you were going to take birth at that very moment and was is it in your hand to take birth or not. I know you would be thinking that I have gone mad or … Continue reading Birthdays