You have your own key

Accepting a person who is not consistent is difficult because it means you cannot depend on them to have unchanging values and ideas, which is another way of saying you cannot “understand” them. People often want to “understand” others to “know their place” for strategic self-positioning, which is ultimately about control and safeguarding their advantage. If you make a big life-change it may literally shatter those around you because they can only accept and “love” you “their way.” They may judge you as unstable, but really they are unstable, which is why they may fall-apart as you move forward. It is really their illusion of knowing and control that has ended. The inconsistent person is free, and freedom is really what people fear most. Who says you have to be the same person tomorrow that you are today? It is a ridiculous notion. Change is inevitable. Your personal and spiritual evolution will always be seen as a betrayal by those whose values you abandon. You have a right to change your values, beliefs, and ideas. The discomfort you feel when you attempt to change is just the social control that surrounds you becoming more obvious and bearing down on you. There is nothing more spiritual than freedom and it is very spiritual to violate old beliefs for new values.


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  1. inaloveworld says:

    Thank you for sharing truth, wisdom and beauty!

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  2. libarah says:

    Thanks for your following 😍

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  3. Love the line let go old values for new you 🌸🌸

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    1. Shreya Garg says:

      Glad to hear from you
      Thank you Sir 😊😊

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    2. My pleasure. Call me shantanu

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